1. Mama's Radio

From the recording Mama's Radio

I wrote this song for my dear friend and great Nashville songwriter Lee Domann. It's about him and his mama Leona. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful story, Lee.


MAMA’S RADIO                                                    
Daddy was a dirt poor farmer preaching to the Kansas corn
Mama’d been a high school charmer, 32 when I was born
Grew up counting every penny, who’d feel any richer though
Listening to my favorite show on my Mama’s radio
I turned 14 in ’63, on my birthday Mama said
There’s no money for a present, I wrote you a poem instead
Mailed it to a competition – we might win, you never know
So we tuned in KCMO on my Mama’s radio
Life at home was rarely pretty, hand to heart I have to say
But sometimes heaven spares some pity – me and Mama won that day
Mama’s eyes filled up with tears – she hugged me like she’d seldom done
Laughing, crying all together – always know I love you, son
That’s one birthday I remember even now I’m getting old
Faith and fate combined with hope, and my own transistor radio
Looking back I know she loved me even times it didn’t show
I keep her picture and that poem right here on my radio
On my Mama’s radio
C. Daniel Boling – guitar and vocal
Mark Clark – percussion
Joshua Martin – upright bass
Bill Hearne – guitar