The Limeliters come to the Bugle Boy for a full evening. We'll bring you lots of the tried-and-true repertoire you know and love, but we'll also bring you new songs written by the current group members. We think you'll love these too! Please join us, friends. If you can't join us in person, you can also purchase a live-stream download of this concert. Tickets, downloads etc. @ https://thebugleboy.org/event/the-limeliters/


[SORRY, FOLKS -- this show has been CANCELED] [Originally scheduled for October 29, 2022 -- postponed to April 22, 2023]

A matinee performance by The Limeliters! So we can all get home while it's still daylight! We're looking forward to seeing you folks and singing with you all. Tickets on sale now at https://arlingtonmusichall.net/events/https-www-eventbrite-com-e-the-limeliters-tickets-372842240177/


THE TRIFECTA OF FOLK -- featuring: THE LIMELITERS; THE KINGSTON TRIO; & THE BROTHERS FOUR A wonderful afternoon of folks songs you know and love! Please join us, friends. Buy tickets for the 3:00pm matinee show at https://www.st94.com/events/trifecta-of-folk-the-kingston-trio-the-brothers-four-and-the-limeliters-3-pm/ [After this 3:00pm matinee there will also be an evening performance at 7:30pm - for details see below]